Our Vision

You’re probably familiar with Ask Dan and Jennifer and our open minded, non-judgmental approach to all topics Love & Sex. From those guiding principles, Sex Honesty was born… 

The current state of sexual awareness in the world today is largely an argument for why ignorance is better than reality – we strongly disagree with this approach.  In the broad history of mankind, rarely (if ever) can you find an example where ignorance and hiding the truth has been the  solution.

We believe that the solution to a more loving and accepting world lies in foundations of open and honest communication around all topics – including sex education, sexual preferences, and sexual orientation. 

Our Vision: 

To create a world where all people feel safe and comfortable in their own sexuality.

Our Mission:

To challenge our society to be open and honest about sex and sexuality by providing and promoting  truthful, unbiased information and knowledge around sexual topics so that men, women, and teenagers can make educated, smart choices about sexuality and relationships.

Our guiding principles: 

Be smart – Think for yourself. Weigh the options and make decisions that are right for you.

Be safe – Understand the risks around your sexual choices and always practice safe sex.

Be informed – Know your options. Do your research.

And for extra credit…

Dan and Jennifer’s personal guiding principles:

Love – Strive to act from a place of love rather than a place of fear.

Honesty – Be honest and forthcoming with each other and with our children about everything – including sexual topics so they can be smart, safe, and informed.

Acceptance – Strive to understand and accept others’ personal choices and sexual preferences.

Now let’s make this happen!

If you’re an organization, a blogger, an individual that wants to get behind a very powerful sex positive  message, get involved…

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